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HTTP 304 means that the data was not modified, therefore the cached version on your machine has been used to save downloading it from the server again. This is usually static files when using nginx and seems to be the case in your example due to this section of the config A 304 Not Modified message is an HTTP response status code indicating that the requested resource has not been modified since the previous transmission, so there is no need to retransmit the requested resource to the client. In effect, a 304 Not Modified response code acts as an implicit redirection to a cached version of the requested resource First thing, a 304 HTTP Status does not contain a message-body, rather it should not as described in specifications, there are some specific conditions based on cache validators also, check W3C documentation for more details. About enabling a caching setup on Nginx this is how I had setup cachin

Nginx and HTTP 304 Status Code August 29, 2009 07:42PM Registered: 11 years ago Posts: 1 Hi all, I have installed Nginx as a reverse proxy for my web server on a Debian lenny: box. The back-end is Apache 2.2. Normally, all the request come to Nginx will be forwarded to Apache. For some static files (jpg, bmp, js, css), Apache usually returns [b]304 status code[/b] to inform client's browser. language-agnostic - probleme - nginx not modified 304 Comment savoir quand envoyer une réponse 304 non modifiée (4) J'écris une méthode de gestion des ressources où je contrôle l'accès à divers fichiers, et j'aimerais pouvoir utiliser le cache du navigateur It may be possible for the nginx proxy to take charge of whether to send 304, by unconditionally querying the application server (and doing all the work entailed in generating a response) and then deciding whether to send 304, rather than passing on the full response (probably code 200), based on the Last-Modified header in that response, but I can't see any benefit from doing it that way 304 Not Modified: Document non modifié depuis la dernière requête. 305 Use Proxy (depuis HTTP/1.1) La requête doit être ré-adressée au proxy. 306 Switch Proxy: Code utilisé par une ancienne version de la RFC 2616 [7], à présent réservé. Elle signifiait « Les requêtes suivantes doivent utiliser le proxy spécifié » [8]. 30

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mikerobe supamac> cat get.tcp GET /~mikerobe/ HTTP/1.1 Host: localhost Connection: close mikerobe supamac> cat get.tcp|nc localhost 8080 HTTP/1.1 200 OK Server: nginx/1.2.6 Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2013 16:47:20 GMT Content-Type: text/html Content-Length: 21 Connection: close requested /index.htm 304 Not Modified Indicates that the resource has not been modified since the version specified by the request headers If-Modified-Since or If-None-Match. In such case, there is no need to retransmit the resource since the client still has a previously-downloaded copy. 305 Use Proxy (since HTTP/1.1 Disable Nginx HTTP 304 In Nginx ngx_http_core_module, there is a directive if_modified_since. You need to set this like below. if_modified_since off; The context for this is http, server, location.. Nginx vient tout juste d'annoncer le support - en preview - du protocole Quic et de HTTP/3. Je me devais impérativement d'essayer ça rapidement Mais tout d'abord, revenons un peu sur le protocole HTTP et sa version 2. HTTP. Le standard HTTP/2 n'est pourtant pas si vieux, et n'est pas encore présent sur tous nos sites. Effectivement, le. ngx_http_headers_out_t¶ ngx_http_headers_out_t¶ A structure to store the outgoing header data. ngx_list_t headers¶ A list containing additional headers to be added. ngx_uint_t status¶ The status to return, possible options are the HTTP Return Codes. ngx_table_elt_t *content_encoding¶ Stores the Content-Encoding header, both key and.

@schmunk42 That looks like a great start. Glad to see that the necessary changes have landed in fsouza/go-dockerclient.I think if you add the IPv6-related fields to the struct, your changes to docker-gen will be in good shape for a PR.. As for the changes to the nginx.tmpl in this repo, I haven't looked closely enough to see what the right approach is to making it work, but I imagine it should. Configuring Nginx as a Reverse Proxy to a non-HTTP proxied server # To configure Nginx as a reverse proxy to a non-HTTP proxied server, you can use the following directives: fastcgi_pass - reverse proxy to a FastCGI server. uwsgi_pass - reverse proxy to a uwsgi server. scgi_pass - reverse proxy to an SCGI server. memcached_pass - reverse proxy to a Memcached server. One of the most common. Nginx and HTTP 304 Status Code. Hi all, I have installed Nginx as a reverse proxy for my web server on a Debian lenny: box. The back-end is Apache 2.2. Normally, all the request come to Nginx will be forwarded to Apache. For some static files (jpg, bmp, js, css), Apache usually returns [b]304 status code[/b] to inform client's browser not getting those files because they are not changed. I. (The HTTP response headers showing Nginx are being reported by the reverse-proxy, not the server itself.) This guide is referring to a standalone Nginx setup, where it is used as the primary server instead of Apache. It should be noted that Nginx is not a completely interchangeable substitute for Apache. There are a few key differences affecting WordPress implementation that you need to.

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